fmQBO Version History


released 10/11/2016

First release of a new file which converts data sent to the same script names (and internal id's) as earlier versions of fmQBO but translates those parameters into a format that fmQBO2 can accept, then translates fmQBO2's response into the same format earlier versions of fmQBO returned. More info available here:


released 7/5/2016

fmQBODeveloper 1.2.1

  • bug fixes:
    • Report Query does't show appropriate options

qboInvoicer 2016-JUL-05

  • bug fixes:
    • duplicate line items exist after pushing an Invoice
    • properly autosize portal on Invoice Detail layout


released 5/17/2016


  • enhancements:
    • update BaseElements plugin to version 3.2
    • log fmQBO version on error
    • add fmQBO logo as launch center icon
    • update multiple json custom functions
    • update JSON module to version 1.0.5
  • bug fixes:
    • deleting a connection shows error if connection is not in web app
    • error returned if fmQBO is on a layout with no records when calling an API script

fmQBODeveloper 1.2.0

  • enhancements:
    • in generated script steps: return $result from Exit Script step when testing for an error
    • update custom functions: jsonModify, jsonOp
    • validate user json before creating a request
    • strip returns/whitespace from email/license in Settings
  • bug fixes:
    • don't show error on close when fmQBO isn't found
    • close file when BaseElements is not valid
    • update links to QBO documentation

Custom Functions 2016-MAY-04

  • enhancements:
    • add jsonFilter function
    • update jsonModify
    • update jsonOp

qboInvoicer 2016-MAY-05

  • enhancements:
    • update custom functions: jsonModify, jsonOp
  • bug fixes:
    • Pull From QuickBooks: some buttons leave user on other layout
    • minor layout/UI discrepancies
    • Builder module's config script


released 6/17/2015


  • bug fixes:
    • Intermittent failures when two copies of fmQBO are open at the same time.
    • Deactivating a device fails if the license is not selected by clicking on it first.

qboInvoicer 2015-JUN-17

  • bug fixes:
    • Only the first line from the Customers billing address is extracted.


released 5/20/2015


  • bug fixes:
    • Some script steps that are not server compatible are being run on the server.
    • Global search field defaults to "test".
    • Under certain circumstances, when the plugin isn't installed, the error returned says "parameter was not json" instead of "plugin invalid".
    • Authentication error after disconnecting a connection record. Will now disconnect when deleting the portal row.
    • FileMaker error 3 shown after clicking refresh license data button in Licenses portal and Device portal under certain circumstances.
    • Not disconnected from QBO when a license record is deleted from the portal.

fmQBODeveloper 1.1.1

  • bug fixes:
    • Generated request script steps for a query include a request parameter, which isn't needed. They also do not use the variable set at the top of this section (the query exists in two places).

qboInvoicer 2015-MAY-15

  • bug fixes:
    • Opening script contains invalid perform script steps.


released 5/13/2015


  • enhancements:
    • Don't require password change on first login.
    • Add "send logs to support" button to licenses portal.
    • Install the 64 bit BaseElements plugin in FileMaker Pro 14 x64.
    • Add icon to Saved Logs layout for performing a find, show all, and delete.
    • Change most buttons to popovers as a means of confirmation and showing additional information about the action that will be performed.

fmQBODeveloper 1.1.0

  • enhancements:
    • Add "test jsonGet" tab to full screen response viewer.
    • Add "send logs to support" button to Settings layout.
    • Add link to open fmQBO from main navigation.
    • Faster loading of a Field Map.
  • bug fixes:
    • Minor interface issues.
    • Generated Parse and Build script steps have the wrong $variableName under certain circumstances.
    • New Field Map does not load when navigating records via toolbar, menu, or keyboard shortcut.

fmQBO Client Helper Scripts 1.0.1

  • enhancements:
    • Refresh cache to be sure the license data is accurate.


released 5/1/2015

fmQBODeveloper 1.0.2

  • bug fixes:
    • Copying fmQBO scripts ddo not copy the selected email/license/sandbox state.


released 4/29/2015

fmQBODeveloper 1.0.1

  • bug fixes:
    • Attribution does not default to user name.
    • Field map does not show records in portal for a new mapping record.
    • Generated request script steps do not set $request for Delete or Query action.
    • Generated request script steps set $request to "?" when invalid json entered for Create and Update action.
    • Request details layout replaced query on record load.


released 4/24/2015


  • bug fixes:
    • Cannot query count(*).


released 4/22/2015


  • bug fixes:
    • fmQBO Connect if Required script only returns a result if a connection was required.

fmQBODeveloper 1.0.0

  • bug fixes:
    • Wrong field on Find Script Generator.
    • Can't delete license records.
    • Reports request generator extracts the wrong value from the response.
  • enhancements:
    • Add full screen popover for viewing response.


  • enhancements:
    • Add Changelog script.

fmQBO Client Helper Scripts 1.0.0

  • enhancements:
    • Add readme and version script.

Custom Functions 2015-APR-22

  • enhancements:
    • Return ? on error.
    • Store error message in $json.error.
    • Normalize whitespace.


released 3/30/2015


  • bug fixes:
    • Connecting with an empty email/licenseString returns an incorrectly formatted error.
  • enhancements:
    • Add web viewer for viewing logs.


  • bug fixes:
    • Can't connect to fmQBO running on a server.
    • Can't delete parameters from reports.
    • Reports request generator with multiple parameters creates an invalid request.

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