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We designed fmQBO so that all of the documentation that Intuit provides would still be relevant to fmQBO users.  We felt that if a user wanted to use something that we didn’t document directly on our documentation, that they should still be able to figure out how it using QuickBooks Online Resources.

On this page you will find links to the most relevant sections of Intuit’s documentation.

API Reference

This is where you while find all the documentation for each entity in QuickBooks Online. Among other things, it includes definitions for each attribute, business rules, and what actions are allowed.

API Explorer

Intuit has an API explorer, that works like fmQBODeveloper.  You might say it was the inspiration for fmQBODeveloper. You can try out request and see response.  fmQBODeveloper has a different interface and wraps the response with it’s own meta data, but otherwise the results should be similar.

Developer Account

Here you can manage your account or sign up for one.  You only need to if you want to use a Sandbox account. But it doesn’t hurt.

Sandbox Account Information

QuickBooks Online Error Descriptions

Sometimes you will get goofy errors back. We are working to get those as documented as possible but it’s a moving target. Here is where Intuit documents them.

Known Issues

Intuit Publishes a list of known issues with the API.  We have seen this list change a lot since we started working with QuickBooks Online API.  They are knocking things off at a rapid rate

Developer Guides

Intuit Collects some of the more advanced topics here on this page.

Release Notes

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