fmQBO Administering Licenses


Open the fmQBO.fmp12 file and click the “Login” link.  Enter “Administrator” for the user name and leave the password empty.  After you login, you will land on the Admin screen where you will have these options:

  • Licenses
    • view licenses that have accessed this copy of fmQBO
    • send logs to support
    • refresh license data
    • delete licenses
  • Connections
    • view the QuickBooks Company your license is connected to (can be connected to a Production and Sandbox account)
    • connect to a different QuickBooks Company
    • disconnect from QuickBooks
  • Devices
    • view the active devices for each license
    • delete devices that are taking up a seat

NOTE: This cannot be done with FileMaker 12.

Account Name: Administrator
Password:  <empty>

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