A good way to try out fmQBO is to use the example file, qboInvoicer.fmp12.  This file has all the scripts in place to push and pull Customers, Items, and Invoices from QuickBooks Online.  We used fmQBODeveloper to write all the connection scripts in that file.

Here are the steps you will need to do to get fmQBOInvoicer connected to your QuickBooks Online Account.

  1. Get a QuickBooks Online Sandbox account if you don’t already have an Account that you can use.  Intuit provides free SandBox accounts when you sign up for a Intuit Developer Account.  Learn how to manage your developer account.
  2. Get a license for fmQBO. You can buy one at our webstore (link coming). Or you can get a demo license by launching fmQBODeveloper and requesting a Demo License. Demo Licenses are good for 14 days.  Your license will be delivered to your email inbox.
  3. Open up qboInvoicer.fmp12.  Go to Manage Scripts. Edit the script named fmQBO Config. You will see set variable script steps in there that are ready for your email and license information. You will also want set the “$useSandBox variable to true if you plan to use a SandBox account.
  4. On the home page click the test Connection Button. Since you have never connected to QuickBooks before a browser window will pop open and ask you to give permission for fmQBO to connect your solution. If you are using the sandbox, there will be a red warning at the top.  The warning will not be there when you connect to your real QuickBooks Online account.
  5. Still On the home page click the Download from QuickBooks Button. If everything was done correctly you should get a success message.
  6. If you visit the Invoice, Customers, or items sections you should see all of the data pulled down into the file.

Example Scripts

Make sure you check out the Example scripts.  The folder called “fmQBO Connection <— Interesting Code Here” contains all the code that was written to connect this file specifically to QuickBooks Online.  Most of this code was written using the generators in fmQBODeveloper.fmp12

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