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fmQBO is wrapper around Intuit’s QuickBooks Online V3 Rest API. We expose all the functionality of the API through FileMaker Scripts, and we give you some  helper custom functions to make the process of working with JSONmuch easier.

As a developer, you write FileMaker Scripts to send data to and get data from your QuickBooks Online Account.  The data is in the form of JSON, a data serialization format. You use custom functions to parse the JSON into your FileMaker records. You also use custom functions to help you build the JSON before sending it back to QuickBooks.

Check out the sections on  API Conceptsand Working with JSON for a more in depth discussion of these two important concepts.

fmQBO comes with fmQBODeveloper.fmp12. This is utility file that can generate many of the scripts steps and all the custom functions you need.Check out how it can help you get your integration done quickly.

Getting Connected

The  Getting Connected section of the docs covers how to get your FileMaker solution hooked up to QuickBooks Online.

Try the Example File

fmQBO ships with an example file, called  fmQBOInvoicer.  It has example scripts, that push and pull Customers, Invoices, and Items from QuickBooks Online.  All of the scripts were written with fmQBODeveloper.fmp12.

 API Reference

fmQBO’s API is a set of FileMaker Scripts inside the locked fmQBO.fmp12 file.  Each of those scripts is documented in the API Reference.

Technical Specs and Requirements

fmQBO runs on FileMaker 12 and FileMaker 13. It will work with WebDirect and Custom Web Publishing and Server Side Scripts. It does not run directly on FileMaker Go, but you can easily use Perform Script on Server to get around this limitation.

It uses the free open source BaseElements Plugin. The Plugin is installed automatically by fmQBO, but you will need to enable it on FileMaker server through the Admin Console.

FileMaker Pro Advanced is recommended for development.

fmQBO consists of two locked files.  fmQBO.fmp12 is the only file that permanently become part of your solution.  fmQBODeveloper.fmp12 is used only when developing.  You can think of fmQBO.fmp12 as kind of like a plugin that has Scripts to call instead of just functions.

Getting Help

If you need help, or have some questions, please send an email to

Known Issues

We maintain a  list of issues that we know about and their status. You can find it here.

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