GoDraw Advanced Configuration


There are two scripts involved in setting the Advanced Configurations

You can set some of the tool defaults in GoDraw when it starts up.  You do this by calling a couple of scripts in GoDraw and passing them some options as the Script Parameter.

Set Advanced Options ( options)

Pass the script a text string that contains name-value pairs as shown in this example

"defaultBrushWidth: '1', defaultBrushColour: 'red', defaultFillStyle:'blue', defaultLineWidth:'5'"

The above will set the brush width to 1 and the color to red.  It also sets the fill style to blue and line width to 5.  You can also set these additional options.

  •  defaultFont – font name
  • defaultFontSize –  number
  • defaultRoundRectRadius – number

Set Advanced Configuration ( Config )

This script handles a couple of other options which couldn’t be handled in the first script for historical reasons. You can set the initial zoom of the image, and which tool is selected by default.  Just like above pass in a text string in the following format.

selectedTool:'brush', zoom:2,saveAndCancelAlwaysVisible:true

The above sets the default to the brush tool sets the zoom to 2 ( 200% ), and make the Save and Cancel Buttons always visible in the lower left-hand corner.  The other tools you can select as the default are as follows

  • pick
  • arrow
  • brush
  • circle
  • curve
  • line
  • square
  • text

Note that unlike in the Hidden Tools api script, you do not include the “-tool” at the end of the tool name. Again for historical reasons.

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