GoDraw Version History


If you have the Basic Site License all you have to is download a new copy from your  account, and drop that into your file set.  If you have one of the other licenses and have embedded GoDraw into your own solution, you can make the changes detailed below for each version between the one you currently have and the new one.  The other options is just to re-integrate.  It doesn’t take that long, and in some ways is easier.

If you are copying in changes, make sure you do them in order.

Current Version – 2.1.2

released 7/7/2015

fixed an issue that prevented setting colors and fonts in the editor
fixed an issue in that resulted in “file not found” or “script not found errors”


the following elements where modified, and will have to be from the new file into your copy of you have the embedded version of GoDraw

Custom Functions

  • gi_GetFileURL
  • gi_GoDrawEditor


  • Watcher

Version – 2.1.0

released 6/5/2015

New Feature: Hide Tools you don’t want users to have access to. See new  Set Hidden Tools script in the Script API
New Feature: Show Save and Cancel Buttons in the Lower Left Corner instead of in the slide out panel.  See Advanced Options


If you are upgrading and embedded GoDraw app you will need to make the following changes in addition to any from previous versions below.

Add a field called “hiddenTools” to the GodrawInterface table. It should be a Global Text Field
copy the Custom Function “gi_GoDrawEditor” into your file.
Copy the GoDraw layout contents from the new file into the GoDraw Layout in your file
Copy the Script Steps of two script the new file into the same scripts in your File

  • Watcher
  • Export Drawing App To Disk

Copy two new scripts from the old File into your File

  • Set Hidden Tools
  • Get Hidden Tools

Copy the Contents of the HTML field in the GoDraw table from the new file into the old file

Version – 2.0.16

released 5/27/2015

Another small change for GoDraw in FileMaker 14

There is only one change. Replace the contents of the custom function “Watcher” script in the old version with the contents of the same script in the new version.

Version – 2.0.15

released 5/15/2015

fixed an issue with GoDraw and FileMaker 14, where the Save and Cancel Buttons wouldn’t work.

There is only one change. Replace the contents of the custom function “gi_GetFileURL” in the old version with the contents of the same function in the new version.

Version – 2.0.14

released 5/12/2015

Fixed a windows bug that caused the mouse to stick on Windows.

Upgrading Embedded Versions. If you copied GoDraw into your own file you can try just replacing the GoDraw::HTML field in your with the contents of the new file.  If that doesn’t work, you may need to re-integrate.

Version – 2.0.9

released 12/26/2014

Version – 2.0.8

Added scripts to the API to get and set the name of the PNG file that is produced when GoDraw saves.

released 12/16/2014

GoDraw can now handle 24 favorite images in the editor.  Upgrading. Site License users just drop in the GoDraw2 file.  Everyone else: change the “favs” and have favsJS fields in the GoDrawInterface table to have 24 repeats, then Copy the new “Set Favorite Image X ( Image )” scripts into your file from the new GoDraw2 file, where X is a number between 7 and 24.

Version – 2.0.7

released 8/13/2014

Enhanced the favorite tool so the “Select” tool becomes active after selecting it.  If you have an embedded license, you can copy this change into your solution. Simply replace the contents of the Godraw:HTML field in your embedded version with the one that is in the new version.

Version – 2.0.6

released 7/2/2014

Fixed an issue where the default Brush Width was too small to be selected.

There was one change.  The script “Set Defaults” in GoDraw2 was modified. If you have an unlocked license, copy the contents of this script into the copy that is in your file.

Version 2.0.5

released on 5/28/2014

Added some a hooks for advanced configuration.

Steps to upgrade

  1. Added one new Field to GoDrawInterface.  Copy this field from the new version to your file
    1. zwibblerOptions – its a global text field
  2. changed one calc Field in GoDrawInterface.  Make sure this field is updated in your file to match the new version.
    1. zOverRides
  3. Added two new Editor API scripts to GoDraw2.fmp12. Copy and paste or import these scripts from the New file into your solution.
    1. Set Advanced Configuration ( Config )
    2. Get Current Advanced Configurations

Version 2.0.4

released on 5/25/2014

Fixed: Custom Function gi_GetFileURL().  It still had a  call to Reactor. It would cause  a dialog to popup referencing a missing file “.fmp12”.

Steps to Upgrade

  1. Copy the contents of the custom function  gi_GetFileURL() from the new file into your old files

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