GoDraw User Guide

GoDraw User Guide

This section of the GoDraw document covers how to use GoDraw itself. It does not cover how to integrate GoDraw into your solution.  That is covered in the Developer’s Guide.

The GoDraw editor has three green tabs, two on the left and one on the right.  When you click or touch the tab a palette will slide out revealing tools, command buttons, properties or images.

The tab in the upper left is the Tool and Command Palette.  There you will find tools such as the Text Tool, the Shape Tool, and the Line Tool, etc.  At the bottom of that palette you will find the buttons to “Save” your drawing or to “Cancel” the changes you made to the drawing.

The second tab on the left is the Favorites palette. This is the palette where favorite images show up. You can drop those images onto the drawing just like a shape.  They can be arranged and scaled just like shapes too.

The tab on the left is the Property Palette. This palette is where you can adjust things like colors and fonts and line thicknesses.  It works on the selected object. If there are not objects selected then the palette is empty.

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