GoDraw Advanced Integration


Copying GoDraw Into Your Own File

If you purchased a “Unlocked” license or a “Redistribution” license then you can embed GoDraw into your own file.  You do this by copying the code from the GoDraw2.fmp12 file into your own solutions.  Once the code is in place, you use it the same way as if it was still in it’s own file.  You write a FileMaker Script that calls the GoDraw scripts. But first lets go ahead and copy the code into your file.  As always make a backup before you begin.

We are going to follow the same basic  checklist as laid out on this blog post. But in this case we will skip steps we don’t need, and we will add a few steps and clarifications specific to GoDraw.


  1. Custom Functions
    Copy and paste or import all of the custom functions from the GoDraw2.fmp12 file to your file. IMPORTANT! You will need to come back to Custom Functions after step 2.
  2. Tables
    Copy and paste or import the two GoDraw Tables from the GoDraw2.fmp12 file to your file.
    1. GoDraw
    2. GoDrawInterface
  3. Go Back to Custom Functions, and check the function ‘gi_GoDrawEditor’. It will have been commented out.  You can remove the comments now.
  4. Records
    Import the single record in the GoDraw table in the GoDraw2.fmp12 into the GoDraw table in your file.  There should only be one record when you are done.
  5. Relationship Graph
    Make a relationship between GoDraw and GoDrawInterface. Each table has a field called “zc_one”.  Use that field for the key in both places.  Make the relationship a cross join by selecting the “x” operator.
  6. Layouts
    Make a layout in your file for each of the Layouts in the “Godraw 2” Folder of Layouts in the GoDraw2.fmp12.  You only need to make sure the the names and Table Occurrences match.  You do not need to copy the layout contents.  That will come later.
  7. Scripts
    Copy the the GoDraw v2 Folder of scripts from the GoDraw2.fmp12 file into your file.  That folder is in the “Modules” folder in GoDraw2.fmp12. You can place it where ever you want but if you are following modularfilemaker.org conventions then you should place it in your Modules Folder.
  8. Layout Contents
    Copy the contents of each layout in the “GoDraw 2” Folder in the GoDraw.fmp12 file into your file.
  9. Script Triggers
    The Script called “Trigger: GoDraw OnLastWindowClose”, will need to be called when that script Trigger fires.  If you already have a script setup to trigger OnLastWindowClose then just make sure “Trigger: GoDraw OnLastWindowClose” is called from your script.  Otherwise set it as the OnLastWindowClose script trigger in File Options.

Thats it. Now you are ready to use the GoDraw API to hook your container fields up to the GoDraw Editor.  You can follow the  Basic Integration Guide, and watch the video for help on how that works.

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