GoDraw Overview


GoDraw is a drawing add on for FileMaker Pro and Filemaker Go.


GoDraw exposes all of it’s features through its well defined  Script API.  You call scripts and pass parameters to control GoDraw’s behavior. Therefor integrating with GoDraw is just a matter of writing two scripts. GoDraw can be integrated into your solution in two ways.

Basic Integration

The  Basic Integration is simple. It takes only a few minutes to do. There is no code copying to do.  GoDraw remains locked in it’s own file like a plugin. You call the Script API in the GoDraw file from your own file. If you purchased the Basic Site License then this is the method you must use. Learn more…

Advanced Integration

The  Advanced Integration takes longer because you first copy the code into your own file. Then you essentially do the same steps as the Basic Integration to integrate GoDraw features into your solution. The result is that everything can be in your own file.  You need to have purchased an Unlocked License or a Redistribution license to do this integration. Learn more…


FileMaker 13, Pro and Go

GoDraw v2 works best with FileMaker 13.0v2 or greater on Macs, iOS devices, and Window PCs.

FileMaker Pro 12

GoDraw works with Macs and PCs using FileMaker Pro 12, but it needs some help from a free  plugin.  You will also need to Host the GoDraw File on Windows 7 and 8.

FileMaker Go 12

Not supported

Web Direct

Not Supported

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