Implementing Kanban

The simplest way to implement Kanban into your project is to copy from the sample file, and it can be accomplished in a few steps.

For reference, we will use this as a checklist:

Implementation Steps

File Placement

Start by placing the Kanban.fmp12 file next to where your custom app is being stored on the server or in a folder. This ensures that copy/pasting scripts into your app will create the valid path to this file.

Custom functions

Copy/paste the custom functions from the example into your own.

  1. FileMaker Pro Advanced is required for this step.If you do not have FMPA, please send the file to and we can set the custom functions for you.


In the example, a "Data" field is found in the Project table. This is used to store the entire data object returned from Kanban each time the board is changed. If you wish to store the JSON object in its entirety, make sure you have a field for that purpose. This field is only used in the "Data Change" script.

If Kanban will be used on Windows, you'll also need the "CopyTarget" field found in the example file. Place this field on the layout where the Kanban board will go and give it the name "WebViewer.CopyPasteField". You can place this off the layout in the outer-area if you wish.


Since we're working with data inside FileMaker, there are some scripts you should copy over from the example, and some that you can build with the same name. 

Copying/Pasting Scripts

Here's a list of the scripts to copy/paste as well as notes about them to make work in your custom app.

  • The Web Viewer Folder. Copy all of this to your file.
  • Load Kanban Board
    • Update this script to gather your data in your way.
  • The License Folder: Activate / Deactivate license

Build Your Own Scripts

The following scripts need to be in your file with the exact same name. These are all found in the "Board Actions" folder

  • DataChange
  • UpdateData
  • Lane_ChangePosition
  • Card_DragEnd
  • Card_Add
  • Card_Edit
  • Card_Delete

These scripts should have identical names, but it's up to you what you want to do with the functionality. Each script describes the parameters coming in from Kanban.

The Web Viewer

The Web viewer in which the Kanban board will sit should be named "KanbanWebViewer"

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