Kanban: The FileMaker Trello Board

Welcome to Kanban, the FileMaker Kanban tool.

Lots of Functionality for the User

Kanban is a Trello-like tool that allows you to visualize your data on a board in columns (lanes) and cards. The cards and lanes can be organized. A card can be edited, tags can be added, and all the changes are saved to FileMaker.

Flexibility for the Developer

Kanban has a lot of functionality ready to go. You can customize it, removing the functionality as needed. Here's a list of what it can do right away:

Kanban Functionality

As a developer you can control the colors of all elements in the board as well as the functionality of the lanes and cards. You can control:

  • Lane repositioning
  • Card repositioning
  • The addition of cards
  • The collapsing functionality of lanes
  • The styling of the board, lanes, and cards. 

FileMaker Functionality

Our example provides additional functionality that might be useful.

  • Data Storage: Each time the data is changed on the board, the entire JSON object is saved back to a FileMaker field.
  • Saving Data: Each time a lane or card is repositioned, the data is saved to FileMaker. 

There are many possibilities for you to make it your own. Check out the Customization page for further details.

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